You are not like other customers and that’s why Reactivpub gives you a dedicated approach.

Let us unite our skills and our expertise in performance to offer your customers the most cost-effective models that are best-suited to their issues.

Reactivpub provides you with tools and services tailored to your needs:

1Consultation of the emailing schedule provided on each campaign


2Setting up your own affiliate challenges


3Possibility for you to recruit certain specific affiliates to your campaigns


4Publishing and printing of ongoing campaign reports in a click (distribution of broadcasters, conversion rate, CTR …)

For more information,

Reactivpub has two Account Directors dedicated to agencies.
Our team of experts, through listening to your issues, provides you with support that is personalized to the needs of your customers.

Whatever the size of your structure, our dedicated experts will adapt to your needs.


Tailor-made recommendations : because all your customers are not alike, our solutions must be able to adapt! Optimization, targeting, volume: to every need we offer specific devices.

By being a source of proposals, we aim to be responsive and competitive!


A quality network : with the size of its network, Reactivpub is able to cooperate with more than 10,000 publishers worldwide. Active in France as well as abroad, we offer several types of publishers, covering all digital channels.

In constant growth, we recruit new publishers every day.

Network transparency: our experts work hand-in-hand with you to analyze the performance programs that you entrust us with. Highlighting, challenge, optimization, you will have visibility over all your accounts.